About TWR Communications

TWR Communications has been in business since the 1940’s specializing over the years in Two-Way Radio, Paging, Security, Cellular, Internet and Telephone Answering Service. We are the only locally based full line communications carrier left in the Cumberland area.

TWR currently has a staff of approximately 18 employees that includes an experienced sales and service department to accommodate customer needs.

TWR personnel are actively involved in telecommunications affairs including membership in the Enterprise Wireless Association, working with the Federal Communications Commission on new regulations and appearing before Congressional Telecommunications Subcommittees.

Service & Support

TWR was started as a radio service/repair business and our reputation has been built on our ability to service the equipment we sell. Complete Warranty Service for all equipment purchased from TWR is available during our regular business hours at our Cumberland store. This is typically a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Store Hours

Our current store hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Saturday hours are by appointment only at this time, but may be changed to regular hours in the near future.

Services Provided

TWR operates many other businesses under its Corporate umbrella including:

  • Internet Service Provider (primarily high speed wireless)
  • Microwave Network (operate a digital microwave network with approx. 20 sites)
  • Trunked Passport Radio Network (operate UHF trunked mobile radio network with 20 sites)
  • 24 Hour Call Center (operate 24/7 Telephone Answering Service)
  • Wide Area Paging (operate a 157.740 network with 14 sites)
  • Closed Circuit TV (design, supply and install CCTV systems)
  • Security Systems (design, supply, install and monitor Security Systems)
  • Cellular Phone Agent (Agent for AT&T)
  • Personal Computer Repair (repair PC’s and associated equipment)
  • Server Co-Location (have facilities for server co-location with multiple fiber)
  • Tower and or site rental (operate multiple towers with rental customer)
  • Tower and antenna system work

TWR has been in business continuously for over 70 years in the radio communication industry and has vast experience wireless and wired communications products and services. Most of our experience has been in the local government and commercial areas as well residential customers, however we have on a continuous basis provided products and services to various state agencies.

Network Reliability

All of TWR’s paging facilities, including mountain top transmitters, are equipped with standby power. All sites have backup batteries and four key locations even have propane-based generators. Network testing is performed at 15-minute intervals every day of the week, including weekends! All transmitters in our local area are automatically monitored on a continuous basis so that we can quickly detect a fault of outage and make prompt repairs. This should be of the utmost importance to those in the medical field such as the Western Maryland Health System where paging reliability is a must. Many paging carriers do not go to the same extent or expense as TWR to ensure backup power on their transmitter sites. Simply put, TWR feels as though our customers are worth the extra effort because when the power is out, so is the paging coverage. We at TWR know how important it is to receive each and every page sent.

Local Support

TWR takes pride in the customer service we provide. We are able to offer local technical and customer service support. TWR has a local office with a staff that is prepared to provide on the spot service for your technical needs.