Contact Information

TWR Communications (Two-Way Radio Service, Inc. is our full legal name) has been in business for over 65 years and we have been continuously dedicated to providing many quality services to our customers. When started the company consisted of repairing radios for manufacturers, suppliers and government agencies like Police and Fire Depts.

We have vastly different groups within our Company working all kinds of different jobs and hours, so please keep in mind that all of our folks and the services they perform may not be always available at the same hours.

Phone Numbers

  • Cumberland Office: 800-262-7005 toll free outside of the Cumberland area
  • Regular business line: 301-777-2692 either dial the extension you wish or Ext 115 during regular hours to reach our front desk staff or after hours press 0 for the operator
  • Alarm Monitoring Central Station Call Center: 301-784-1290
  • Backup line: 301-759-3060 (answered by our in house 24/7 Answering Service staff)
  • Fax line: 301-777-7845
  • Fax Line TAS: 301-722-6487

Business Hours

Administration, Sales and Service Depts. on weekdays.

Our normal business hours for most of the staff runs from approx. 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. A lot of our folks work staggered hours and may differ slightly from the hours listed, but regardless someone is on duty during these core hours.

Call Center (telephone answering service) is staffed around the clock 24-7 to answer any questions and take messages.

Though not open to the public our Call Center staff is busy handling telephonic messaging services for our clients as well as TWR related traffic. Please note that our call center never shuts down and is always manned including all holidays.


Typically we close most of our operations (except for our 24/7 answering service staff) for New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If the holidays occur on Saturday or Sunday we usually take off Friday or Monday respectively. In some cases we may have limited staff available on the Friday after Thanksgiving as well as other cases where the holiday occurs on a Tuesday or Thursday. Most changes to our hours are posted in our store, listed on our website and of course you can always call us about our hours.

Key Personnel Contact List

Radio and Communications sales

Chiaverini, Christopher Extension 143 Sales

Service Department - Key Personnel for Schedulaing Repairs & Installations

Emrick, Jeanie Extension 126 Service Department Coordinator

Overall Sales support, FCC Licensing, Paging, and Storage Services

Hutter, Kathy Extension 147 Retail

Security Systems, Access Control, PA-Intercom Systems, and Video Surveillance Sales

Law, Steve Extension 136 Sales
McKenzie, Gary Extension 132 President & CEO

Overall Sales Support, Paging, and Storage Services

McKenzie, Gary Extension 132 President & CEO

Call Center, Telephone Answering Service and Alarm Monitoring

McKenzie, Kevin Extension 102 TAS Manager
Miller, Kay Extension 103 TAS Supervisor

Wireless Internet, Computer Repair, Video, and Other IT Related Items

Meadors, Christopher Extension 141 IT Engineer

Tower Sites, Microwave, and Radio Repairs in Allegany-Garrett Counties

Preston, Toby Extension 111 Tower-Site/Tech

Alarm Monitoring Technician & Installer

Spano, Mike Extension 100 Installer
Saville, Joe Extension 117 Installer

Senior Management & Overall Operations

McKenzie, Gary Extension 132 President & CEO
Hutter, Kathy Extension 147 Retail

Not sure who to ask for? Dial extension 115 and ask for Kathy, Jeanie, or Gary, and they will try to help you connect with the right person.

Mailing and Physical Address

TWR Communications has a large building on Centre Street in Cumberland complete with service shop, a large inventory of equipment and spare parts as well as garage space for vehicle installations and equipment storage.

Physical delivery address:

TWR Communications
549 North Centre Street
Cumberland, MD 21502

USPS Mailing address:

TWR Communications
PO Box 299
Cumberland, MD 21501-0299

Service Hours / Charges / Afterhours Service

TWR will respond to service calls as soon as possible during regular business hours as listed above at our normal rates in effect at the time. Call and talk with our Service Manager for specifics.

We also provide after hours service however this service is not provided unless we have made appropriate arrangements in advance regarding policies, person authorized to request the service, response time, overtime rates applicable and etc.